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If your refrigerator isn’t keeping food cold, try these tips before calling for refrigerator repair

1. Check Your Refrigerator’s Power Supply

If you think your refrigerator is not working, first check its power supply.  

2. Clean Under and Around Your Refrigerator

If a refrigerator cannot “breathe” properly, this will cause your refrigerator to overwork. Start by cleaning underneath and behind your unit, being careful to avoid your refrigerator’s coils that may be exposed on the back. It’s amazing how dust bunnies and your pet’s fur can quickly build up. 

3. Check for Frost Buildup in Your Refrigerator

If one of the parts on your refrigerator that prevents ice buildup from happening fails, you may experience water leaking onto the bottom or have an accumulation of ice on the side, back, and ceiling of the freezer or fresh food sections. 

Check for water leaking from your fridge or any standing water at its base. Second, check for any ice accumulation along the side, back, and ceiling of the freezer or fresh food sections. If any of these things are happening, it would be wise to contact your trusted appliance repair technician soon. 

Keep in mind that whatever you do, it is pertinent to tell the technician servicing your refrigerator. All refrigerators will need to be plugged in for at least 24 hours in order to be diagnosed. 

Bonus: Freezer Tip

If you notice that your fresh food section is working fine, but your freezer isn’t keeping things frozen, it may be a small issue with how full your freezer is or how empty your freezer is. 

One thing that’s often a quick fix for people is to move things in their freezer away from the freezer’s back vents. Sometimes, we fill our freezers too full, thus suffocating those vents. If you have food storage bags or frozen boxes up against the back vents of your freezer, then cold air may not be able to fully permeate your freezer. 

If it is an issue of not enough things being in your freezer, place jugs of water or several ice blocks in it.

If this doesn’t work, there may be a greater problem that needs a professional trained service technician

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