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Washing Machine Maintenance and Repair Guide

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You may think that your washing machine doesn’t need to be cleaned because it’s the thing that’s supposed to do the cleaning, but that’s not the case. Washing machine maintenance is necessary when it comes to avoiding damages, nasty smells, and getting the most out of your appliance. As a Grand Rapids, MI appliance repair service, our team has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you keep your washing machine in working shape. For information on how to maintain your washing machine and what to know about repairs, keep reading.

Washing Machine Maintenance Repair Guide

Monthly Washing Machine Maintenance

Every month, you should clean your washing machine to ensure that it’s doing the best cleaning job it can.

Just because the washing machine uses detergent and water to clean your clothes, that doesn’t mean the appliance itself is clean.

Most of today’s washers have a self-cleaning feature. If yours does, review your owner’s manual to learn the best practice for it. Some don’t require the addition of any cleaning chemicals while some recommend you add substances like bleach.

If you don’t have a self-cleaning feature, running an empty cycle once a month with bleach or a mold killer is a good idea. Afterward, we recommend running a second cycle to flush out any lingering bleach or other chemical cleaning products that could stain your clothes.

Washing Machine Repair

If monthly maintenance and proper use don’t keep your washing machine running smoothly, you may need to schedule a washing machine repair service near you. Below we have a list of some of the most common issues you should call a professional for.

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When A Washing Machine Shakes Aggressively

That loud scary washing machine is trying to tell you something!

Before calling the pros, make sure your washing machine isn’t shaking wildly because you’re stuffing it with too many clothes, or you’re putting too many clothes to one side.

Off balancing your washing machine by putting too much on one side or not putting any clothes on another side will most often result in a shaky washer.

If it’s not your clothes, a shaky washing machine may be due to your floors being warped, unlevel, or the washing machine’s pads being worn out.

If you check all these things off your list, let us know and we’ll set up a time to take a look at it.

When A Washing Machine Doesn’t Spin

If your washing machine isn’t spinning, your clothes aren’t getting clean. If you notice that your clothes are super soaked after a wash, it may be due to this problem.

Generally, a non-spinning washer is the result of damaged wires, a fault or damaged drive belt, or a worn-out solenoid. In some instances, a non-spinning wash could be due to your lid switch not working properly.

When you open a washing machine, it may take note and temporarily disables the cleaning process until you close the lid again. Near the washing machine lid is usually a small little button that’s triggered by opening or closing your washing machine. Make sure nothing is blocking or jamming that button and your washing machine might be back in business.

When a Washing Machine Leaks

A leaky washing machine may be the result of a loose pipe, a faulty line, or a drainage issue.

One simple reason your washing machine may be leaking is because of the amount of detergent added.

We get it, we want to smell as good as the next person, but adding too much detergent can result in an overflow of water and soap.

You’ve seen those cartoons where the washing machine floods suds into the whole house, right? While those are a bit of an extreme, the concept is the same. Try toning down the amount of detergent you add and see if that helps keep your washing machine from overflowing.

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When a Washing Machine’s Cold Water Feature Doesn’t Work

You’d think hot water would be the problem, but sometimes cold water is the bigger culprit.

Most often, this is because the cold water valve has been shut off. Sometimes, when opening and closing the wash, moving clothes around, or trying to vacuum behind the washing machine, the cold water valve gets snagged and moved to the closed position.

Other times, a lack of cold water may be due to sediment build-up within the pipe or your piping system.

When a Washing Machine Stains Your Clothes

When you pull your clothes out of the wash, do you notice pink bleach stains or dark grime stains?

Pink bleach stains are due to, well, bleach. Even if you didn’t add bleach to your wash, you may still experience bleach stains if you added bleach to a previous load. Bleach can sometimes linger in the washing machine, which is why we recommend doing a rinse cycle after cleaning your whites.

Dark laundry stains could be because of a bad belt or timing chain. When these components go bad, oil leaks can affect your wash load. Reach out to a washing machine repair service near you to get your washing machine cleaning clothes again, not dirtying them.

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