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\Washing Machine Maintenance Repair Guide

Washing machines can last for years with proper care, but it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance in order to protect your investment. Routine cleaning and upkeep are necessary when it comes to avoiding damages or nasty smells and getting the most out of your appliance. 

As a Grand Rapids, MI appliance repair service, our team has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you keep your washing machine in working order. For information on how to maintain your washing machine and what to know about repairs, keep reading. 

1. Keep it Clean

Every month, you should clean your washing machine to ensure that it’s doing the best cleaning job it can. Just because the washing machine uses detergent and water to clean your clothes, that doesn’t mean the appliance itself is clean.

Most of today’s washers have a self-cleaning feature. If yours does, review your owner’s manual to learn the best practice for it. You may also run this cycle and add vinegar to your wash tub. Vinegar will break down the soap build up and kill any germs in your machine. 

If you don’t have a self-cleaning feature, running an empty cycle on the hottest and longest cycle, once a month with vinegar, is a good idea.

Most detergents are full of clays that are used to clean your clothes. These clays have a tendency to build up when too much soap is being used. The average front load washer only needs approximately 1 TBS of detergent, depending on the concentration of detergent being used. 

Top load washers will vary depending on size of the load and amount of water being used, but typically 2-3 TBS is sufficient. Check with your manual and detergent instructions for concentration and amounts to use. 

2. Check for Damage

It’s a good idea to check your washing machine’s hoses on a regular basis to see that they’re not damaged. Cracked or broken hoses can lead to leaks. In general, hoses should be replaced every few years as part of your ongoing washing machine maintenance plan. 

Check the fittings to make sure they’re tight and haven’t been shaken loose. If your washing machine has inched its way back towards the wall, shift it so there are at least a few inches between the wall and the machine. This prevents the hoses from getting kinks in them. 

3. Do Not Overfill or Under Fill

Unbalanced loads of laundry can cause the machine to shake, loosening the fittings or damaging a hose, bearing, belts or shocks. It’s important to avoid overfilling or under filling your washer in order to keep it from moving around. 

Medium to large loads of laundry will keep your washing machine running more efficiently. 

For top load washers, make sure that you are washing like fabrics together, such as washing jeans with jeans and lighter materials with lighter materials. Top load washers should not be filled above the highest agitator fin. If you do not have an agitator, consult your manual on proper filling levels. 

Front load washers can be filled pretty full, as long as there is about 3-4 inches of space between your laundry and the top of the wash tub. Consult your manual for more exact details. 

When to Call for Washing Machine Repair 

If monthly maintenance and proper use don’t keep your washing machine running smoothly, you may need to schedule a washing machine repair service near you. Below we have a list of some of the most common issues you should call a professional for. 

  • Aggressive shaking: Sometimes washers shake even when loads are balanced. If that’s the case, give us a call. 
  • Leaking: A leaky washing machine may be the result of a loose pipe, a faulty line, or a drainage issue. 
  • No cold water: A lack of cold water can be due to sediment build-up within your piping system. 
  • Dark stains on clothes: This can be caused by a soap buildup or a bad transmission. Reach out to a washing machine repair service near you to get your washing machine cleaning clothes again, not dirtying them. 

Need a Washing Machine Repair Service Near You? 

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