4 Simple Causes of Your Dryer Not Drying

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We all love the feeling of taking warm, clean clothes right out of the dryer. It can be so disappointing, not to mention frustrating, when your dryer beeps at the end of its cycle, and you reach in to feel a damp pile of clothes.

Are your clothes not drying as quickly as they used to? Is your dryer warm, but your clothes are still wet?

If your dryer is not drying thoroughly, then you may need to call our dryer repair technicians. We can send out a specialist to evaluate the problem as soon as possible.

However, your dryer may just require a simple fix, not a special repair. Before you call our appliance repair team, feel free to check for these four simple reasons your dryer may be struggling:

  1. Power source problem
  2. Lint buildup
  3. Settings adjustments
  4. Blocked vent

1. Power Source Problem

It can seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people forget to check if their dryer is still plugged in. Take the time to double-check that your dryer has not become unplugged.

If it is still plugged in, check visually that the cord is not crushed, kinked, or frayed. Do not touch a plug that appears to be malfunctioning; instead, call our appliance repair team.

If your dryer is plugged in and the cord is fine, make sure the outlet is receiving power. Check your electrical panel for a tripped circuit breaker.

2. Lint Buildup

Once you have made sure that your dryer is on, check your lint screen. Lint buildup is one of the most common reasons why dryers start underperforming.

Your lint screen may be accessible from the top of your dryer or within the dryer door. Remove any lint that has accumulated, and then test your machine again.

Regardless of whether or not this solves the problem, it is important to get in the habit of removing lint from the lint screen before and after drying a load. Lint buildup may not be the problem today, but if left to accumulate over time, it could become a potentially dangerous problem in the near future.

3. Settings Adjustments

Sometimes, problems with dryers simply come down to user error. Which settings are you using for what kinds of loads? Is it possible that a different setting will solve the problem?

For example, your bathroom towels may instruct that you dry them on a low setting to preserve their softness. However, towels are by nature more absorbent than the clothes we wear.

Because they hold more water, they will always take longer to dry than a load of clothes on the same setting. That is not a problem with your dryer; that is simply the result of drying certain materials on certain settings.

If you are frustrated with checking your load and programming another drying cycle yet again, check your unit for an Auto Dry setting. Most dryers these days have an Auto Dry setting that will sense automatically when your load is dry.

That way, you can keep it on a low temperature setting and trust that when your dryer beeps, the load is truly dry and ready to be removed.

4. Blocked Vent

Your dryer vent leads outside and needs to be unobstructed in order to function as intended. You may want to check outside and make sure nothing is blocking the vent, such as new plant growth.

Your vent also should be cleaned on an annual basis. If your vent has not been cleaned in a long time, you may need the help of a dryer repair specialist.

Get Help from Our Dryer Repair Experts

Sometimes, there is a simple reason why your dryer is not performing as well as it should be. Other times, you will need the expertise of a dryer repair technician to diagnose the problem and find a lasting solution.

Our Grand Rapids, MI, dryer repair technicians will come to your house as soon as possible. We can fix your dryer or order a part so you can fix it yourself. Call Apex Appliance today at (616) 363-9894, or contact us online.

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